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better understand ourselves and live healthier lives. Sometimes speaking about are past is hard but through art making it allows for another way to express these difficult things from our past.

Breianna Harris, ATR-BC, LCPAT


I am a believer that all humans have potential to grow no matter the age or experiences. I also believe that are defenses develop from experiences from our pasts to protect us and influence us to how we behave and interact with others. I believe using the therapeutic relationship to work in the here-and-now to work to process past experiences. My goal in my work is to provide a safe space for clients to feel comfortable to explore their inner world and receive support through out the process.

As an art therapist, I offer art as another way of communicating in therapy sessions.

We all have experiences from our past that have shaped us to be who we are today. Through processing these experiences in a healthy way, we can learn to

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