Katelyn Trentalange, LCSW-C


I believe every individual has the ability to change his or her circumstances by focusing on the elements which are in their control. Equally as important, we must learn to let go of the situations over which we are powerless. By sharing experiences with another person and working through obstacles that inhibit the life we desire, it is possible to create a life in which we can thrive. My goal is to assist you in this process by providing a safe environment where you can be open and honest with yourself.

My experience spans from addictions to mental health with adults, adolescents, and families. I enjoy working with people individually, as a family and in groups. My approach is to focus on you in the therapeutic environment that both research and past experiences indicate as the most likely to encourage success. I consider us a team, linked in the effort to achieve your treatment goals.

If you are interested in making a change, please contact me. We can discuss your goals and work towards achieving them together.​

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