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your decision to seek therapy. Initially fostering that strong therapeutic bond creates a positive and safe environment for personal growth, which can be scary, yet exciting.

Jordan Shaffer, MSW, LMSW


Do you feel a lack of connection with self and others? I recognize that life can be challenging for many reasons and that asking for help and support is difficult. Self-reflection and developing coping skills alone can seem foreign and daunting, the good news is--you don't have to do it alone. My goal is to assist people in exploring interpersonal issues and ways to remove barriers, such as substance use and self-deprecating tendencies.

I offer individualized and person-centered therapy to a diverse population of clients. My areas of specialization include substance use and addiction, anxiety, depression, and various mood disorders. I also work with individuals struggling with emotion regulation, relationships, positivity, and self-esteem/self-identity.

During our sessions, we will ease into processing the life events which lead to

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Minimal  Vector design Illustration Template Collection
Minimal  Vector design Illustration Template Collection