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Katie Ashmore, MSW, LCSW-C


I work with children, adolescents, young adults, and families to help them cope with the challenges, changes, and stressors of life. I am passionate about teaching clients how to build healthy relationships, set boundaries, and strengthen families as a whole.

I have experience working in the school setting with children/ adolescents who suffer from anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. I enjoy working with children/ young adults to help them find their voice, better understand their world, while feeling supported and empowered. I use talk therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, CBT, and DBT to support my clients.

I am a firm believer that children and youth are resilient and can navigate the challenges of life when provided nurturing and support. My focus is to teach individuals healthy coping strategies, teach skills to strengthen relationships with others through effective communication, and assist them with managing ongoing stressors and life changes that arise.

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