Samantha Willett-Jackson, LGPAT


I believe that the journey through growth in therapy is unique to every person. I work with those that are seeking assistance through life transitions, are processing intense emotions, need space with an unbiased support, or are looking for ways to invoke mindfulness and expression. Our paths in life frequently change, along with our perceptions and experiences. Starting therapy can be intimidating, and I am here to walk this path with you. Together we will explore obstacles and what makes us who we are to provide the power to change.

Art Therapy is an approach that uses the expression of our inner selves in a way that cannot be shown with words. Along with expression, Art Therapy has been shown to decrease stress and depression. Using both Art Therapy and traditional therapies, I will provide an individualized, humanistic engagement that is developed with you to meet your needs.

I've worked in bereavement counseling, pediatric medical outpatient and inpatient centers, and in private practice. I enjoy painting using found objects, camping, hiking with friends and hiking with my feline companion! I look forward to celebrating your achievements and working with you toward your goals!

Beautiful Shape Aesthetic
Beautiful Shape Aesthetic