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Elizabeth Allen, MA, LGPC, LGPAT



I believe this is the start of your journey to finding wellness, self-empowerment, and joy. The process of starting therapy may be difficult, but by being here you are taking one big step in the direction of your own growth and personal fulfillment. I will strive to meet you with compassion, affirmation, and understanding no matter what identities, experiences, and values you hold.

Through the use of art therapy, the power of creativity and self-expression can support and empower the therapeutic process. Whether you have a lot of experience creating art or none at all, you can participate using whatever medium feels most comfortable. This could include drawing, painting, clay, journaling, talking, or a little bit of everything. Creative engagement can lead to better understanding of your own emotions through the ability to express feelings in new and different ways.

I will always seek to support you and to best meet your individual needs in the current moment. If you’re struggling with life transitions, anxiety, chronic illness, grief/loss, self-doubt, or just feeling off balance, together we can start to work through whatever you’re feeling and discover what’s going on under the surface.

I look forward to learning more about you, witnessing your strength, and celebrating everything that makes you unique! ​

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